consumer website - Vendor selection



A large public sector port authority was looking to completely revamp their public facing websites across all of their services to use the latest technology stack, allow for significant internal (admin page based) control and enable a best in class Content Management System all through a mobile optimized design. After developing an RFP, they were struggling to make a optimal selection of the submitted proposals in a way that ensured the best consumer experience and lowest long term cost of ownership.


Excelerate supported the client by bringing a vendor selection approach specific to the technical viability of the solution against critical attributes such as development process, responsive design, usability, security, SEO, Analytics and CMS training approach. We then developed a weighting methodology based on a series of internal discussions to learn about importance of key technical factors.


In less than three weeks, we were able to jump into the project, quickly distill the key attributes of the proposals and make a recommendation. The recommendation was strongly supported by the IT department and taken to the board for final budget sign off.