A 35-year old computer services and integration company wanted outside help to identify new (and tangential) service offerings that would help them grow and stay relevant for another 35 years. They wanted an unbiased understanding of their market to inform strategic change while staying true to their current cultural norms.


The Excelerate Team started by meeting with the Executive Team and with internal stakeholders in Operations, Finance, Sales and Engineering to gather input on strengths, opportunities and potential new service offerings. We then did a significant market assessment to understand the competitive landscape and the growth trajectory of the different possible service offerings.


The Excelerate Team completed the assessment within 8 weeks, and developed a set of service offerings for the company to pursue organized into “protecting the core” vs. “true expansion” buckets. In addition, we developed a go to market roadmap that details how the company should develop, market, train and sell the new services offerings thus ensuring sound implementation with increased likelihood of adoption. Lastly, to better inform the roadmap, we developed a Functional Accountability Chart to ensure the company articulates clear roles and responsibilities to the core transformation team.