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“Along with being excited about the opportunity to work with a brilliant team, I was intrigued by the variety of projects and clients Excelerate services. I was also excited by the opportunity to join a growing company and be a part of helping to build and create what Excelerate becomes in the future. It is rare to find a company with this level of talent and caliber of clients where employees can also be creative and have new growth and learning opportunities.”


“I chose to join Excelerate because it provided me the opportunity to be of service to organizations facing difficult challenges and lead them through those transformations – while building lasting relationships in the process.”


“The ability to be a foundational member for Excelerate instantly excited me. The passion for our work brings immense value to amazing companies. Excelerate is more of a family where we champion and learn from each other. “


“I love the variety of our work - every day brings new challenges. I chose Excelerate because I wanted to utilize my years of experience and skills to bring value to help companies and shape the local corporate landscape. I am amazed at how well Excelerate is able to recruit top talent that can bring the expertise needed to our clients. It gives my work meaning - I know I am making a difference and positively impacting the companies I work with.”


”I joined Excelerate to be a part of a team that believes in working hard and playing hard. I have stayed at Excelerate because I have the opportunity to learn and work with incredibly talented consultants. My experience at Excelerate is unlikely to be matched at any other firm.”


“I joined Excelerate because the high value, quality and impact of the team, clients and work was unmatched. “


Current Opportunities: San Diego


Join Our Management Consulting Team

Interested in joining our team? We are looking for high caliber, passionate leaders to help grow our business. We strive to offer our employees a total package including:


Intriguing projects 


Competitive base salary and incentive compensation 


health, dental, vision and life insurance. Employee premiums paid at 100%.


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